Trade Show Chair Massage

Are you looking for a GREAT promotional tool that will draw attention to your company?
Do you need something at your trade show exhibit that is a proven traffic generator and will
keep prospects around a bit longer?

Add chair massage to your next Trade Show and Set Yourself Apart with a Proven Crowd Pleaser!

Chair massage at your event provides you with a great opportunity to make contact with potential clients. It offers a clean and convenient service, as recipients receive the massage right through the clothes they are wearing.

As they wait for their massage, you can strike up a conversation about who you are, the type of services and products your company provides, and what kinds of things the client may want or need.

This multi-layered opportunity for conversation with potential clients makes chair massage at trade show events unique and highly effective.

Studies indicate that marketing and sales are better received when the client is calm and relaxed. Plus many attendees are willing to wait up to thirty minutes for their free massage – time they are spending at your exhibit!

download-31        What Chair Massage can do for you?

+ Draws a HUGE crowd to you trade show exhibit

+ Increases lead generation for your sales force

+ Clients are more calm and relaxed

+ Creates a lasting impression with attendees

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