Health Fair Massage

On-site chair massage and/or mobile reflexology are both a natural and ideal addition to health fairs.
The purpose of health fairs is to provide basic preventive healthcare information, demonstrations,
and screenings, such as blood pressure readings and cholesterol checks, just to name a few.

Many corporations are organizing health fairs as part of their employee wellness program and offering a seated massage / chair massage, is a tremendous incentive for more employees to attend.

Health fair chair massage promotes the healthy benefits of massage to the public. These healthy effects include relaxing tense muscles, reducing anxiety and mental stress, reducing pain, and increasing feelings of well-being.

A health fair is a safe environment for a person to learn about massage and receive a first massage. Offering chair massage at a health fair immediately increases awareness and visibility of the event.

Attendees are much more receptive and alert to receive information on all the healthcare provided.

Plus, it makes the event much more enjoyable! 

Chair massage sets up quickly, requires only a small amount of space and provides easy access to a
person’s neck, shoulders, back, and arms with the person fully clothed.



We can provide one or many licensed massage therapists in a designated location or spread throughout
the venue of the health fair.

The massage chair’s unique design allows it to fully adjust and accommodates clients of all sizes.

It is performed in short sessions, lasting between 10 and 25 minutes and our licensed massage practitioners do not use oils, lotions or creams.

Add chair massage to your next health fair, and let “got chair massage?” perform massage magic, right before your eyes!

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